Sending Turtle One to the painter – John Stahr

For the first blog post, pictures pretty much say 1,000 words

Before the wrapping begins

Another view before wrapping

Exiting the garage

Exiting the garage some more

Almost out of the garage

Turtle One escorted by Dick and Mike (near the tail section), fellow plane pilots who are mentors turned friends during this whole plane building process so far.  Thank you so much for coming over today!

Denny (our neighbor) helps guide the plane on to the trailer

Denny, our neighbor, helps guide the plane onto the trailer.  Denny and our neighbors have all been super during the nights and weekends of riveting and all sorts of other odd plane building noises coming from our garage.

Turle One and Ray on the trailer

T1 and the trailer crew

(left to right) Mike, Ray, Connie, Christene, Victoria, Dick and Robert

Christene and Robert get a special shout out for riding down to Eugene and helping unload the fuselage during a downpour that seemed to never end.

Thanks again everyone.
Whadda’ Day !!

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